2016 STC Annual report

Encouraged by IEEE, our Special Technical Community presents an annual activities report. The Parallel Models and Systems, Dataflow and Beyond STC was created in late 2016, consequently we present a short but important first report.

The purpose of this document is letting our members and visitors know the effort and leadership of our team, by highlighting our activities and results during the previous year. For our members, this report should lead to a discussion about what we did right and what we need to improve. Feel free to contact us with comments about this.

This report contains:

  1. STC General Information
  2. STC collaboration
  3. STC Members information
  4. Other miscelaneous topics to report
  5. STC Future (2017 and beyond)

Access the annual report in the publications section or download it here

The SISA Workshop

International Workshop on A Strategic Initiative of Computing: Systems and Applications (SISA): Integrating HPC, Big Data, AI and Beyond

Motivation of SISA

High-performance computers and big-data systems are closely related to the broader computing ecosystem and its designs and markets. However, during the past decade the eco-systems (the programming models, the system software stack, the software tools, etc.) of high-performance computing and big data appear to have been significantly diverged. Such divergence presents serious challenges to computing system architecture and hardware eco-system as well. Such situation has raised significant concerns: many felt that further divergence may be detrimental to both. In particular, both HPC and big-data systems are also facing challenges from the innovations in AI and computational machine learning methods that must be efficiently and securely handled by both.

Goal of SISA

The goal is to present and discuss roadmaps and R&D problems that are shared by both HPC and Big-Data systems, AI and beyond – with a system focus and open international participation. We recognize that besides the traditional leadership in the HPC field (i.e. US, EU and Japan), the world has witnessed rapid new advance in other regions such as in Asia: China, India, South Korea, Taiwan to name a few. We hope that this workshop will break new ground on international collaborations inspiring future global exchanges and coordination between the emerging centers in Asia and the established centers in US and Europe.

The Meetings (Jan. 17-20, Tokyo, Japan)

See also SISA Website: http://www.sgu-ictrobotics.sci.waseda.ac.jp/en/sisa/index.php.
SISA Meetings participation is by invitation only. International and Japanese thought leaders have attended and delivered their talks. All guests participated in 4 panel discussions and the summary session. Titles and Abstracts of all Keynote and invited speakers and panelists are listed on the above website. The panels features open and enthusiastic discussions and debates, with frequent visionary remarks from the world-class leaders.
IEEE Computer Society Dataflow STC (Special Technology Community) is in-coordination with the SISA Workshop. In fact, this STC Chair Prof. Guang R. Gao, and STC Founding Member Prof. Hironori Kasahara are the Co-Chairs of SISA. A Final Report will be available in the near future. In the meantime enjoy some pictures.